Personal Development and Career Coaching

Executive Coaching

Is there something holding you back from getting to the next level? Let Traits Plus help you identify your Strengths and help you create Strategies for the areas you want to improve on or eliminate in your life.

We will help identify the things you can't see and give you ideas and action plans on how to improve your performance while at the same time motivating you to be your absolute Best!

We define opportunities, develop strategies, lay down tactics and measure results. It is strategic planning on an individual level.

Employee Coaching

We work with the employee to identify their areas of desired growth goals and help them develop plans to achieve them.

By building effective interaction and communication skills in your working relationships this will lead towards the accomplishment of business and personal goals. Coaching sets the stage for leadership development, personal and organizational change and enhanced emotional competence.

Dream it Plan it Do it

Life Coaching closes the gap between where you are now and where you want to be. It is a professional relationship with someone who accepts nothing but your best and will help you set action steps to realize your full potential.

"There are two kinds of talent, man-made talent and God-given talent. With man-made talent you have to work very hard. With God-given talent, you just touch it up once in a while."
-Pearl Bailey

Are you wasting time doing something that is not in line with your Strengths or Natural Talent. Time is something we cannot get back. Take the time to explore your Strengths and then choose to utilize them in your every day life.

Individual/Personal Coaching

In personal coaching we take inventory of your "life" into eight key categories. From this we develop action and accountability plans to get to your desired goals.
• Career
• Money
• Health and Fitness
• Family and Friends
• Physical Environment
• Love and Romance
• Fun and Recreation
• Personal Growth and Spiritual Development