Lori Raderschadt-Guyton


Sacramento, CA

Lori is a change management professional with over 20 years of experience guiding businesses through the inherent transitions common to all organizations. Lori actively works to shape corporate cultures to promote collaborative environments with strengthened interpersonal relationships that produce creative solutions. Her approach forges the link between culture, business strategy, people and processes.

Lori utilizes traits assessment and 360 tools, which are validated, user friendly and aid in the process of creating cohesive and effective teams. Her philosophy is: "People who work within their natural talents and strengths are satisfied and self-motivated."

Lori has worked with an array of industries, including banking, insurance, medical/dental practices, IT, retail, construction, real estate, and faith-based organizations. She works with companies in strategic planning, career development, executive/leadership coaching, performance management and team building.

Lori holds a Masters in Organizational Leadership, with a certificate in Executive Leadership; her BA degree is in Organization Development with a minor in Psychology. She is a certified PDP DynaMetrics® administrator, a Booth Company 360 coach, a certified PI administrator, and a trained DiSC and Myers Briggs analyst.

Brian Guyton


Sacramento, CA

Brian is the author of Dating Highway, - A Better Way for Singles Seeking Marriage. Anyone that has met Brian understands how passionate he is about relationships. For over a decade, he has counseled and coached individuals and couples on relationships and is still involved in singles ministry leadership. He admits that he is more street-smart than book-read and that much of his education is from the school of hard knocks. However, he has an innate ability to problem solve, refine solutions, and then present them in a creative way that makes complex relationship issues easier to navigate.

Brian's real passion is to communicate and build upon The Dating Highway concepts by creating a platform and a system to better assist those seeking a compatible partner. He not only speaks from his life's experiences and observations, but from his own personal success. A combination of experience and passion is evident in his teaching, coaching and leadership. Brian is a certified PDP DynaMetrics® administrator.